Welcome to our directory of people who are in the field of content design, or in other related fields. The object of this page is to facilitate all networking activities amongst professionals with similar interests, not to mention the benefit of link exchange between sites of relevant content. You are invited to submit your contact information so that it can be verified and added to our directory.

The main focus of this blog is the design and delivery of digital content for instructional or informational purposes in business, so all professionals who have a special interest in Instructional Design should follow us. The following directory of people in this business will always be an on-going project with new data added and broken data removed periodically.

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How to add your contact information to the directory

All you need to do is copy the bullet points above and paste them onto a new email message directed to email address you see in the image on the left. Then, type your information next to each bulleted item and send. Your info will be posted within 48 hours of your submission. Note that your job title will be linked to your Linkedin profile - just like you see in the first entry of the directory below. All of the data above is required. The data you provide will be added to this Directory and will be publically available to all visitors of this blog (assuming the URLs are functional).


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Paulo Castro