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The whole purpose of a blog is to share information with readers around the world who are interested in what you have to say. However, the beauty of the system is allowing your audience to respond to the information you are sharing, and give you a chance to establish a 2-way communication channel.

For this reason, I would like to share my contact information with you. Please use this information responsibly and respectfully. I will never respond to vulgarity, hate, racist or all other discriminatory content, and needless to say, I will not tolerate spam. This is the reason why I am including my contact information with an image, in graphic format, so that phone and email information can not be harvested by automated systems looking for new targets to spam.

We are located in Weston, Florida, 33326 area code. This is part of the Fort Lauderdale Metropolitan area in Broward County, South Florida. This geographical location falls under the Universal Coordinated Time UTC -5, also within the USA Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST). My usual hours of business are when I am awake (sometimes when I am sleeping too). I only take phone calls 9am - 5pm EST, Monday thru Friday, unless other arrangements have been made. I will respond to all emails within 24-48 hour period (please be patient). If you like to put a face to the person you are communicating with, I will gladly communicate with you via Skype using Video.


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