Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our First Blog Post

FullMind Design Blog - Content Design
Paulo Castro, the business and creative leader of FullMind Design, is pleased to announce the launch of this new blog. Paulo Castro (Linkedin Profile) has a solid background in technology, having worked in roles such as Systems Administrator, Technical Support Analyst, Technical Trainer, and Training Supervisor. Paulo's experience is not limited to technology. He is also experienced in the field of education where he has made significant contributions in the roles of Graduate Teaching Assistant; Corporate Trainer; Technical Trainer; Instructional Designer; Curriculum Designer; eLearning Developer; Technical Writer; Facilitator; and Virtual Instructor.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a friendly intellectual environment where you, our audience, will benefit from the discussion of interesting topics. You will read about professionals, leaders, and personalities from the fields of business, education, technology, communication, and even government. You will read about past, present, and future ideas, theories, processes, regulations, methods, tools, and technologies used in the design and delivery of content. You will find articles that will discuss data, information, and knowledge and the many different ways to transfer this knowledge into the inquisitive mind.

We welcome your participation by asking you to insert your comments when you can provide your valuable opinion, knowledge, and experience in a respectful manner. You will find strategically placed buttons to help you share or recommend the articles you like through your social media profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Twitter). You can access some of the most highly visited blogs in the industry by accessing the links under 'Blogroll'. Most importantly, you can subscribe to our blog posts and to all comments by using the 'Subscribe To' buttons. This will allow you to receive our articles automatically when we publish them.

This blog is dedicated to those who have a serious interest in the topics we publish and the people who exist behind the articles, comments, and links to other sites. We forbid the use of this blog for reasons that would constitute any type of crime, including violation of individual or business rights. We will not tolerate the use of this site for abusive marketing schemes, including spamming. For these reasons, FullMind Design will enforce some rules for the benefit of our readers.
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We look forward to your participation. Do not forget to subscribe to our blog and share it on your social media profiles.